Practice Areas

Worker's Compensation Cases: Our firm has been successful in overcoming fraud defense, drug-free workplace defenses, notice defense, and major contributing case defenses either through trial, successful settlements, or aggressive litigation resulting in acceptance of the case.

Presumption Cases: The Law Office of John Rahaim has had over 10 winning trials and/or appeals with Final Hearings on presumption cases alone within the last two years. Numerous other police, fire, and corrections are covered under the Heart Bill by negotiating with the Employer and getting evidence to win the case without a judge's verdict.

Appeals:Our firm handles appeals for claimant's counsels when there has been an unfortunate overnight or error of law. This firm has won four appeals and was able to resolve two cases before the Final Order in favor of our clients within the last two years.

Car Accidents: The Law Office of John J. Rahaim represents injured people, usually former clients, in cases involving car accidents in pre-suit matter.